DX Summit2019

Organised by The Indian Express Group and Express Healthcare, DX Summit 2019 is a gathering of both Industry and Academia associated with Invitro Diagnostics (IVD), Molecular Diagnostics, Rapid Testing, Point of Care Diagnostics/ Testing (POCT), Precision Medicine and associated regulatory matters, R&D and Technology transfer.

The Summit encourages deliberations on emerging opportunities and business models, as well as the challenges and regulatory issues facing the sector. It will also celebrate the milestones and the outstanding contributions of leading lights through the years.

As the single largest gathering of its kind, DX summit will offer unparalleled access to and insights on both business learnings and the latest technologies through a comprehensive Conference Programme which also offers all in attendance networking opportunities with key opinion leaders and decision makers from the industry.

70% of medical decisions are driven by diagnostic testing today. As medical sciences continue to expand, so will the role of diagnostics in determining medical treatment as well as preventing diseases.

Moreover, we have also entered the era of mainstream application of precision medicine, tailored therapeutics, wearables, and artificial intelligence. Hence diagnostics will continue to grow in importance and the definition of what constitutes a diagnostic test will continue to evolve.

Which all means diagnostic sciences will be key in determining the future of healthcare and will be a very significant business component in the years to come.

However the sector is quite fragmented and many players still follow archaic business models and are looking for ideas that can bring in a radical change. What diagnostic professionals and business leaders need is a comprehensive platform that can help them build partnerships, gain industry knowledge, and network with and learn from their peers.

DX Summit answers that need by offering an opportunity to advance the science of diagnostics, improve the practice of medicine, and reinvent business models & strategies for success as well as sustainability.